01 The client

The Bande Son Symphony Orchestra, made up of 90 musicians passionate about both music and cinema, is an ensemble devoted exclusively to the interpretation of music from films, television series, and even musicals.

The orchestra hosts students from music conservatories in the Lake Geneva region, the Lausanne Jazz School (EJMA) and various music schools in French-speaking Switzerland. As a training platform, Band Son allows these young performers to open up to a musical genre that they address very little or not at in their academic curriculum.

02 Goal

Bande Son’s committee approached us to take over the visual communication project of its 2019 season.

03 Methodology

Each year, a new theme is selected for the orchestra's concert season. The visual concept created for its poster and the other communication elements (web banners, concert program, motion video, etc.) must not only effectively evoke this theme but it must also follow the particular style used in previous seasons. This is to done to strengthen the identity of the orchestra on one hand, and to be easily recognizable by the public.

For the 2019 season, the theme selected is "Tales and Legends" and the list of referenced films includes "The Lord of the Rings", "Alice in Wonderland", "Edward Cissorhands" to name a few.

We proposed the staging of an elegant woman representing the character of Alice (in Wonderland), to keep consistent with the choice of characters used for previous ad campaigns. The main graphic element positioned behind Alice is a spiral, our choice for this graphic was to evoke the rabbit hole in which Alice falls during this story.

The typography is influenced by the credit titles of the most recent Alice in Wonderland movie and the orange / gold color palette was selected by Bande Son’s committee.

04 Produced work

Web font used


Color palette


Non selected proposed posters


Official poster of the 2019 season


Social media & large screens banners


05 Results

Some key figures presenting the performance of the digital strategy we have put in place.


Performers on stage


Expected spectators


Communication tools

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