01 The client

Founded in 1761 to "encourage agriculture, expand commerce and promote useful arts", it became public two years later and is classified as a Swiss cultural property of national significance, Yverdon-les-Bains Public and School Library has more than 70'000 documents.

It also has two funds: a so-called "modern" fund divided into 6 sections, as well as an old collection, rich of about 17'000 books ranging from the 16th century to the 19th century and supported by a foundation that takes care of the financing related to the restoration of ancient works.

02 Goal

Creation of an ad campaign (F4 posters and video on social media) inviting the public to visit the library.

03 Methodology

For this campaign, it was necessary to highlight the various benefits offered by the library while targeting an audience of all ages. The visual concept had to be intriguing and dreamy, it was necessary to inspire the public to go to the library.

The campaign is composed of a first poster entitled "Rendez-vous à la bibliothèque ..." (Let’s go to the library…) featuring a hot air balloon taking off from a public square. This is the first in a series used primarily to intrigue the audience.

The second series of 8 posters, published a few weeks later, proposes 8 staged reasons to go to the library, the concept reintroduces the hot air balloon stopping at each floor of the library.

We opted for an isometric illustration style, which allows us to focus less on the characters and more on the overall composition of each poster. The pale color palette used is reassuring and puts the public at ease. As a final touch for the campaign, we created an animated video featuring the 9 posters. It was used on social media and on the city’s TV channel.

04 Produced work

Poster campaign "Let's meet at the library"


Leaflet for non-English speaking people


05 Results

Some key figures presenting the performance of the digital strategy we have put in place.


Created posters


People reached


Communication media for the video

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