01 The client

CEI123 is a set of multifunctional buildings located in the heart of Y-Parc, in Yverdon-les-Bains. This complex is managed and run by P+P Project and owned by ECA, in order to facilitate the establishment, growth and development of companies.

Start-ups, small to medium businesses or even larger corporations at CEI123 belong mainly to the tech and innovation sectors.

With some 12,000 square meters, in three modern and highly modular buildings, CEI123 offers a wide range of services such as office spaces, seminar rooms, work spaces in a coworking or even a domiciliation.

P+P Project was looking for an agency that specializes in both visual communication and web development. They were also looking for someone close to Y-Parc to facilitate the implementation of adequate solutions to the life at CEI123.

02 Goal

Improve communication on the various services offered by CEI123 and its three multifunctional buildings, as well as highlighting its tenants.

03 Methodology

What we first had to do was look at restructuring information to provide clear and precise content for the different targeted audiences. Different profiles may indeed be interested by CEI123’s services, such as future residents, seminar organizers or even people looking for a coworking space.

Once the structure defined, we worked on content and form, we focused primarily on the visual appeal of buildings and seminar rooms. We have also defined a unique graphic line to distinguish the three buildings by color palettes. A similar concept was used to differentiate the services, along with 2d illustrations.

04 Produced work

Web font used


Color palette


CEI123 logo revamp & Cassiopée coworking logo design

Coworking leaflet


05 Results

Some key figures presenting the performance of the digital strategy we have put in place.


Faster reservations


Referenced companies on the website



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