01 The client

Ebail SA provides property management web-based software. This application allows, among other things, to establish a lease, publish an ad, prepare custom inventory, manage the work, track your rental receipts and establish accounting.

Dedicated to both experts and novices in real estate rental, this application guides the user with simplicity through its intuitive use and explanatory notes. In addition to these management tools, Ebail complies with the all provisions of Swiss leasing law.

02 Goal

Provide owners with simple and intuitive tools to manage their properties alone without the help of a real estate agency.

03 Methodology

The first phase of this project was concerned with learning about the real estate management business. The objective was to produce an intuitive software and in order to get there we had to learn all aspects of leasing law as well as the inner workings of real estate agencies.

After learning what real estate management entails, we analyzed the real estate management software market for both retail and business solutions. We also analyzed existing solutions outside of our borders.

Based on our knowledge and comparative analysis we have been able to define, with the client, the features that have been implemented.

In order to improve user experience, we presented the platform to a panel of users not yet familiar with the real estate world to test out the product’s intuitiveness. Following these tests, we collected their feedback, which allowed us to improve our tool.

04 Produced work

Web font used


Color palette




Web app


Pitch deck


05 Results

Some key figures presenting the performance of the digital strategy we have put in place.


Available functionalities


More profitable than a real estate agency


Registered assets

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