01 The client

LivelyUp is a psychology and coaching practice based in Mont-sur-Lausanne. Its founder, Patrick Santilli, offers various services such as executive & life coaching, counseling and psychological support, as well as career guidance and professional reconversion.

Patrick Santilli puts forward his human approach and receives his patients in a modern, welcoming and easily accessible practice. He is also highly active on social media, which allows him to present a more modern vision of the different problems related to psychology and life coaching.

02 Goal

Present in a clear and elegant manner, the different services offered by LivelyUp, highlighting Patrick Santilli’s new and modern vision.

03 Methodology

First, we focused on LivelyUp’s branding. Along with our client, we wanted to break the stereotypes of traditional psychologists' offices and bring in a more modern look. We started by working on different logo variations, and then defined a complete visual identity with business cards, letterhead, banners, etc.

We then worked together on restructuring the content of the website to present the three main services offered by the firm. The idea was to offer rich content (texts, photos, illustrations, etc.) to provide future patients with specific information relating to everyday issues. To highlight LivelyUp’s modern vibe, we added high quality photos presenting the furniture and unique setting that Patrick Santilli offers.

04 Produced work

Color palette


Logo design




05 Results

Some key figures presenting the performance of the digital strategy we have put in place.


Contact through the website


Communication tools


More visibility

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